Micro credit Assistance Program

Micro credit Assistance Program


To established a self-reliant and conscious society through economic empowerment that results in poverty reduction.


  • 1. To reduce poverty and build a sustainable household economy in Bangladesh.
  • 2. Developing savings tendency among the poor for future investment and cruise.
  • 3. To create self-employment and wage employment through building individual business competency of entrepreneurs.
  • 4. Ensuring the access of poor women and adolescents into the intuitional credit and stop pauperization of poor.
  • 5. To increase women empowerment and their contribution to household and country.

Target Clients

Mukti Cox’s Bazar targeted the marginalized and underprivileged people of the rural and urban population. Mostly poor women, farmers and potential entrepreneurs.

Geographical Coverage

Chattogram, and Cox’s Bazar districts of Bangladesh.

Major activities

  • Create savings
  • Provide loan amount for IGAs
  • Formation of Samity (Group) either in the urban or rural areas.
  • Formation of a Sami management committee to strengthen the governance of groups.
  • Provide training to committee members about savings, record keeping and leadership.

Product and Service under Micro Credit Assistance Program


  • Regular /Compulsory (Optional /Compulsory)
  • Term Deposit Scheme

Capacity development and Risk Management

  • Members Welfare Fund
  • Entrepreneurship development and Business management Training

Credit /Loan support through -

  • Enrich Loan (IGA, ACL, LIL)
  • Micro Enterprise (ME)—Agrosor
  • Ultra-Poor Program (UPP)—Buniad
  • Livelihood Restoration Project (LRP)
  • Agriculture Micro Credit (AMC)—Sufolon
  • Rural Micro Credit (RMC) & Urban Micro Credit (UMC)—Jagoron

Intervenons to Clients

Intervenons to Clients

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